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Let us help you kickstart your weight loss journey. If you need help with reaching and maintaining your goals, treatments like weight loss injections can help you achieve sustainable weight loss.

If you’re struggling to lose weight and keep it off, medicated weight loss treatments might help jumpstart your new lifestyle. When used alongside a balanced diet and exercise, they can help you make lasting changes to your health and wellbeing.

With our Online Clinic, you can:

  • Have a private consultation with one of our pharmacists
  • Select a weight loss treatment that works for you
  • Start to see results with clinically-proven treatments

Weight loss Medication Offered


Wegovy (semaglutide) is a weight loss medicine that works by making you feel fuller for longer.

When used alongside a healthy diet, the medicine can help you to curb your cravings and reach your weight loss goals.

From £199 – £299



Liraglutide (also called Saxenda) is a weight loss medicine that works by making you feel fuller and less hungry.

Saxenda is used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity for weight management in adult patients with a high BMI.

  • Daily injection that suppresses appetite
  • 3 pens in a starter pack
From £149

Prescription treatments for weight loss

There are medicated weight loss injections available to suit your needs and lifestyle. Our pharmacists will help you figure out what works best for you.

Wegovy Saxenda
What is the active ingredient in the product? Semaglutide Liraglutide
How do I need to take it? At-home injection At-home injection
How often do I need to take it? Weekly Daily
Do I need a prescription? Yes Yes



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£149 - £299 /Per month

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